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Wisdom comes to us as a gift of the Holy Spirit and is called the Queen of all its gifts.  Its proper use allows us to see the value of material things as they allow us to draw closer to God.

Through the gift of wisdom, we can find value in understanding and acting upon the thoughts and writings of others; in particular the sermons and talks of priests.  Attached is an offering of sermons presented by the Reverend Joseph Farrell, a priest in the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin, Ireland.  He completed his religious studies in Carlow and Maynooth where he earned the highest honors.

He taught as a professor in Carlow College for three years until 1868 and then took on missionary work in the parishes of Maryborough and Monasterevan.  He died on March at the age of 45 in the year 1885.


Advent, 1st Sunday - Lessons of the Last Judgment
Advent, 2nd Sunday
Advent, 3rd Sunday

Advent, 4th Sunday
All Saints Day
All Souls Day
Ascension - Sunday After - 1
Ascension - Sunday After - 2

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Beginning of the Christian Life - 1 Christmas Day
Blessed Sacrament, The
Christmas Day
Corpus Christi
Easter - 1st Sunday After - 1
Easter - 2nd Sunday After - 2
Easter - 4th Sunday After - 1
Easter - 4th Sunday After - 2
Easter Sunday
Epiphany, 1st Sunday after
Epiphany, 3rd Sunday after
Feast of the Holy Cross
Good Friday
Lent - 1st Sunday
Lent - 3rd Sunday
Lent - 4th Sunday
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Pentecost Sunday
Pentecost - 2nd Sunday after
Pentecost - 3rd Sunday after
Pentecost - 4th Sunday after
Pentecost - 4th Sunday after - 2
Pentecost - 6th Sunday after
Pentecost - 7th Sunday after
Pentecost - 8th Sunday after
Pentecost - 9th Sunday after
Pentecost - 11th Sunday after
Pentecost - 13th Sunday after
Pentecost - 14th Sunday after
Pentecost - 17th Sunday after
Pentecost - 19th Sunday after
Pentecost - 20th Sunday after
Pentecost - 22nd Sunday after
Pentecost - 24th Sunday after
Pentecost - Last Sunday
Septuagesima Sunday - 3rd Sunday before Ash Wednesday
St. Patrick
St. Peter
Sunday within the Octave of Christmas - New Years Eve