by Rev. Albert Rung



It is noteworthy to observe how little thanksgiving is given to God, outside the official prayers of the Church.  And yet there seems to be nothing more imperative in the past of man than that he should give thanks to God for the constant blessings and benefits received from Him. It is a beautiful custom among many to set aside a day each week for thanking the Giver of all good gifts for His many benefices.  A saving feature of our otherwise so materialistic government is the practice of setting aside a day each year for thanksgiving for the blessings of divine Providence during the past year.  It is a bright diamond standing out conspicuously in the customs of our great republic.  One day a year, however, does not suffice the Catholic heart, his whole life will be interspersed with thanksgiving to God.  The word of thanks is an earnest of further favors.  Just as man in inclined to do more if his acts are received with sincere gratitude, so also the good God gives more abundantly to those who are truly grateful.  "Give thanks always for all things in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to God and the Father."