by Rev. Albert Rung



As a vocal prayer, this form must not be under-estimated.  "One form of prayer, common enough among priests and religious, ought to become far more prevalent among the rank and file of Christians," suggests a recent writer.  "Pious ejaculations," says he, "constitute an excellent form of prayer for people who are constantly busy.  They do not interfere with our ordinary occupations; their brevity is perhaps a safeguard against inattention; and they may be as fervent and effective as if we made them on bended knees in the privacy of our bed-chamber."  Our frequent utterances of "Praised be Jesus Christ," "Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me,"  "Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation," and such like prayers, can not but prove the utility of such ejaculations for the sanctification of our souls.  They form, too, a bulwark and strong defense against temptation, as well as a spur and incentive for virtue.  To gain the habit, the practice must be repeated frequently each day.  A reminder is useful, and  to unite the practice with something frequently occurring during the day is perhaps the best method; for instance, to say an ejaculatory prayer each time we hear a clock strike the hour, or each time we chance to glance at a holy picture, or every time we pass a church, if this happens frequently as in the larger cities.  These prayers are like arrows which fly straight to the heart of Christ and serve to keep us ever united with Him, and we can repeat them frequently without interrupting either our work or our legitimate recreation.  A means so simple and yet so effective to self-sanctification, should be highly prized and every effort made to acquire its practice.

The life of a religious is saturated with the thought and effort to do all for God.  What is there to help the man in the world, immersed in the cares and worries of life, to be imbued with the same spirit?  It is ejaculatory prayer.  This will keep the thought of  God before him, in work and in pleasure, in health and in sickness, in busy occupations and in his leisure.  Nothing will sanctify him better than ever-repeated ejaculatory prayer.  Be it in his daily routine labor, he may say: "Jesus, all for Thee"; be it in his lawful pleasure, "Jesus, all for Thee"' be it in taking his well-earned rest, "Jesus, all for Thee"; be it in trial, or sickness, in success or in adversity, always may he sanctify it by, "Jesus, all for Thee."